About Us

Our Gallery/tattoo studio is a dream that flourish with the junction of brother and sister that came together after 12 years living apart on different countries, with a international wisdom they join to make this dream come to reality , we aim to create a welcoming and inclusive experience and environment that celebrates all the ramifications of art in all its forms while providing to our artists and clients a safe and enjoyable experience for all

Our Goal

Our goal is to become a leading destination for art and tattoo enthusiasts alike. focusing in our community and creating an environment that embarrasses artistic growth and the undeniable power of art on our life experiences and identities. We are achieving this by caring, featuring top notch artists and offering a smooth experience for those that share this dream with us!

Our Artists

Ricardo has over a decade of experience and is an award winning artist based in Southern California. Ricardo works out of his studio Zenith Tattoo in Downtown Los Angeles where he pursues his passion and strives to deliver exclusive and original art.
Greg comes from the world of stand up comedy and performance which brings a certain edge and creativity to his tattoos that are second to none. With a couple years under his belt, his tattoos are second only to his charming and funny bedside manner. Come in experience it for yourself and walk away with a masterpiece.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, KTG is the embodiment of West Coast Chicano tattoo culture. Growing up, he honed his skills with the city as his canvas as a graffiti artist and has since turned to skin and devoted over a decade of his life to his tattoo practice.

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